SPM Additional Mathematics 2010 Last Minute Revision

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SPM is just around the corner. You want to score your Add. Maths, but have not enough time to do your revision. You're worrying about the exam everyday, but can't concentrate on your study.

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I,m a Maths and Add Maths tutor. I have been teaching SPM Add. Maths for more than 15 years. I know the SPM paper format and mark scheme very well. I know how to help students to do their revision last minute.

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Simple analysis first……

SPM Add Math:
Paper 1 – 80 Marks
Paper 2 – 100 Marks
Total 180 Marks=100%

This course consist of 4 Modules. If you master
Module 1 (45 marks)………..you will not fail
Module 1 + module 2 (93 marks)……………you will get at least a credit
Module 1 + module 2 + module 3 (141 marks)………..you will score A
Module 1 + module 2 + module 3 + module 4 (180 marks)……..you will definitely score A+

Here is the structure of each module:

MODULE ONE – 45 Marks(Available now)
Note : ALL are compulsory question, make sure you master it
Function – 8 marks
Quadratic Equation and Function -9 Marks
Simultaneous Equation -5 marks
Indices and Logarithms – 8 marks
Sketching  Trigonometric Graph -6 marks
Progression – 9 marks

MODULE TWO –total 48 Marks (Available 13th Oct)
Triangle Law – 10 marks
Coordinate Geometry -14 marks
Circular Measure -14 marks
Index Number – 10 marks

MODULE THREE-total 40 marks (Available 23th Oct)
Linear Law -10 marks
Statistics – 8 marks
Probability – 3 marks
Permutation and Combination – 3 marks
Probability distribution I – 3 marks
Differentiation I -7 marks
Integration I -6 marks

MODULE FOUR –total 47 marks (Available 3rd Nov)
Vector -8 marks
Progression II-8 marks
Trigonometric II -8 marks
Differentiation II – 6 marks
Integration II – 7 marks
Probability Distribution II -10 marks

(Note:Marks are estimation based on pass year 2004-2009)

Click on the image below see the demo of this course. This is just part of this course in module 1. You can access all the video after subscribing to the complete course.

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