SPM Add. Maths - From 0 to C+

This course is specially designed for students who usually fail in Add Maths and want to get at least C+ in their SPM exam.

This course can help students to improve at least 20 marks in their SPM Additional Mathematics exam.

You Can Never Fail

This program was designed by our Add. Maths. tutor, Ms KWEE SF. Ms Kwee has been teaching Add Maths for more than 15 years. Owing to her teaching experience, she knows the syllabus of SPM Add. Maths, the format of the paper, the mark scheme and the weaknesses of students so well.

For the last 10 years, many students have followed this program and more than 80% of them get A and NONE of the students fail in their SPM exam.

How Does it Work?
Focus on Easy Topics
In this course, our tutor will focus on the topics which you can score easily. The following are the topics that will be covered in this course and their respective marks (base on the analysis of past year paper 2004-2009). In each topic, our tutor will only teach the question types that are possibly come out in the exam.
  1. Function – 8 marks (Sample lesson)
  2. Quadratic Equation and Function -9 Marks (Sample lesson)
  3. Simultaneous Equation -5 marks
  4. Sketching Trigonometric Graph -6 marks
  5. Progression (Paper 1 Question)– 9 marks
  6. Triangle Law – 10 marks
  7. Coordinate Geometry -14 marks
  8. Circular Measure -14 marks
  9. Index Number – 10 marks
  10. Linear Law -10 marks.
  11. Differentiation (Paper 1 Questions) -7 marks.
  12. Integration (Paper 1 Questions) -6 marks.
Free Seminar
Before SPM (In November), you will be given a seminar discussing the format of the paper, the technique in answering questions and the forecast questions.

Model Paper
Before SPM (In November), you will be asked to complete 3 sets of model paper. Our tutor will tell you which question you should focus on.

Last Minute Guide
Our tutor will give a few live online tutorials on 27, 28, 29 Nov (Right before Add. Maths SPM exam). In the tutorial, she will summarise everything that you need to know in SPM and guide you to do a few sets of Model paper.

30 Days, No Question Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee
Because we are so confident on the the effectiveness of this course, we give you a "30 days, no question asked, 100% money back guarantee". If you are not satisfied with this course, simply send us an email and we'll refund your payment, without asking any question.

Buy this course and take a few lessons. If you are not satisfied, ask for a refund. There is no risk for you. The money back guarantee is valid for 30 days after your payment. Click here to learn more about our 100% money back guarantee policy.

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Email 6: Free lesson 6 - Geometry Coordinate
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Free Formula List + Notes
Together with the email, we will also give you a series of Add. Maths. Revision Notes, both in Flipbook and in PDF form.
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