SPM Online Tuition

MyHomeTuition.com's online tuition is designed for students who would like to score A or A+ in their SPM exam, and ready to work for it. The course is designed by our tutor and e-learning course designer, Mr Kwee. The course is designed in such a way that it is
  1. Easy to be understood 
  2. Easy to be remembered (Mind Maps and Flashcards) 
  3. Exam oriented (Frequently asked question in exam and solution) 
  4. Easy to be revised (Revise in 1 day)
      Easy to be Understood
      All lessons in MyHomeTuition.com are conducted by experience tutor in Kuala Lumpur. Our Physics and Chemistry tutor has 14 years teaching experience and our Add, Maths. tutor has 17 years teaching experience. They have reached more than 1 thousand students and hence know the students' need very well. They know what the students know and what the students don't know in each chapter.

      With their teaching experience, our tutors have developed their unique way to deliver the lesson, so that the students can master every aspect of the lesson. With the help of our tutor, you will find that SPM Add. Maths, Physics and Chemistry are much easier than you thought. (See Demo below)

      Easy to be Remembered
      In order to score A or A+ in SPM, students need to remember large amount of fact. In MyHomeTuition.com's Physics and Chemistry Online Tuition, we provide the interactive Mind Map and Flashcard to help students to remember the important fact in each chapter.

      Interactive Mind Maps and Flashcards

      Mind map and Flashcards has been proven to be highly effective in helping students doing their revision. For SPM Physics and Chemistry Online Tuition, interactive Mind Map and Flashcards for every chapter is given. The Mind Maps and Flashcards cover almost everything that you need to know in the syllabus. It can help you to remember large amount of fact in a very short time.

      Exam Oriented

      The aim of this course is to help students to score in exam. Therefore, in the notes and also during the lesson, our tutor will give a lot of frequently asked question in exam and their solution (See example)

      Interactive Exercises

      All subscribers of SPM Physics and Chemistry Online Tuition can access to the online exercises. The questions are specially designed by our tutors to help students to understand the syllabus thoroughly.

      Easy to be Revised
      Revision before exam is essential for students to score in exam. However, most students found themselves have not enough time to revise when the exam is around the corner. In order to help students to revise in a very short time, our tutors have created the printed note, the interactive note (for Physics only) and the presenter slides (for Physics and Chemistry only). These learning material is very useful in helping students in their last minute revision.

      Printed Notes

      Once you have subscribe to our online tuition course, a complete printed notes will be sent to your house by post.

      Click on the link below to see the sample of the notes.

      Sample 1
      Sample 2

      Interactive Notes

      For SPM Physics, interactive notes for certain discussion is available to to enhance the understanding of students and to make the content easier to be remember.

      Presenter Slide

      Presenter sildes are the slides used by the tutor when delivering the lesson. It will be provided to the students to help the students to revise the lesson. Students need not to replay all the lessons again when doing revision. They just need to go through the slides to refresh their memory.

      30 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

      Because we are so confident on the the effectiveness of this course, we give you a "30 days, no question asked, 100% money back guarantee". If you are not satisfied with this course, simply send us an email and we'll refund your payment, without asking any question.

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